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Annual Reports, Projects  & Board Notes

Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenburg

C/Agustín López, # 9 Barrio Dos de Enero, Sabana Perdida, Municipio

Santo Domingo Norte, Provincia Santo Domingo RD

We give thanks to the ORCHID Foundation and to all of those nice people
who help this special place where God be present bringing love, peace,
dignity, hope, happiness and blessing to all those children and people who
have a benefit from the Armando Rosenberg Home and School. Thanks. God
bless you.

Today this institution has grown and isn’t only an orphanage. It’s a home, school, technical high school, medical attendance, potable water to the community, church and collective transportation system in a telesferico. 

We invite you to take a trip and visit us. Thank you. Thanks God.

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