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Annual Report

Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenburg

C/Agustín López, # 9 Barrio Dos de Enero, Sabana Perdida, Municipio

Santo Domingo Norte, Provincia Santo Domingo RD

2016 Projects

October -November

Continuing the tradition of shipping the container, in late October/early November of 2016, the 21st container will be shipped.  Orchid is constantly looking for donations that will allow us to continue sending large shipping containers filled with everyday necessities to the nuns, who watch it carefully as it moves through customs.


Orchid finds itself looking to maintain what it has helped build.  At this time we are assisting in the refurbishing of the original dormitory, which has been repaired numerous times in the past 31 years.  The dormitory now needs a significant overhaul of the roof, bathrooms, plumbing, and electrical services.


The project has already begun with the completion of the roof repair in the Summer of 2016.  Donations have been received of about $10,000 for the roof and we are now seeking additional funds for the interior. A study done by a Dominican engineering firm estimates the cost of this to be about $60,000 and raising these funds has become our primary focus at this time. A major fundraising effort has begun with Orchid reaching out to a variety of organizations as we seek financial support. Hopefully, they will reach back.  

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