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1985 - 1988

Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenburg

C/Agustín López, # 9 Barrio Dos de Enero, Sabana Perdida, Municipio

Santo Domingo Norte, Provincia Santo Domingo RD


Between 1985 and 1988 Orchid members actually got their hands dirty working in support of Armando Rosenberg. Before there were doors and windows on the original dormitory Rotarians purchased materials to construct doors with hardware and screens where needed. The last dormitory was completed in 1988.


As the years went by and the building was completed and occupied by children, the role of Orchid became one of fundraising and shipping of necessary supplies in 40-foot shipping containers.  Filling these containers was adopted by Orchid, dating back to 1997.  Contents have varied over the years, based on what is found necessary at the time of shipment.  Primarily, food is the main item sent such as cereal, pasta, and canned vegetables.  In addition to food, items such as a washing machine, an oven, a lawn mower, tools, and playground equipment have been included.  When Orchid first began to ship the containers, the estimated cost was around $12,000.  Today they are estimated between $22,000 - $25,000.  In the Fall of 2015, the 20th container was sent out.

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