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Annual Report & Projects

Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenburg

C/Agustín López, # 9 Barrio Dos de Enero, Sabana Perdida, Municipio

Santo Domingo Norte, Provincia Santo Domingo RD

The school and kitchen building needed to be repaired. The roof was damaged and the rain came into the building.

It was so humid and needed to be closed during the last year because we couldn't use it in its condition.
On March 4, roof reconstruction began and take a week to finished. Now the
building has been painted and finished all the details to reopen next august.

Total cost of the roof reparation was US $ 5,996.76. Thank you ORCHID fors
the roof repair.

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 4.02.28 PM
Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 4.02.57 PM

Always, our children need motivation to do a good work at school. This year we promised them a celebration to those who makes an effort and have better grades. On March 7, we had a celebration with our children that were successful in bettering their grades at the high school. We went to the city and have some pizzas. They always wants pizza!

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 4.30.04 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 4.29.59 PM.png

One project that was completed was to enlarge children’s bedrooms and made the beds singles.  The cost was
$1,131.40 US for the bedroom’s work and cutting the beds.

As every year on March, we had the Ave María week’s celebration. Students
of ours schools have competitions in a niece friendship and we had some
activities with our kids.

It’s Easter and we celebrated in the swimming pool on April 25, Pool and
Pizza party.

On May 16, we had the second celebration of our children’s better marks at
the high school.

It was urgent to clean the children's play ground area. We started on May 23, a cleaning operation.

It was very necessary to continue the reconstruction of the building and on
May 30, the first Boy’s bathroom’s reconstruction started. Now are finished,
clean and comfortable. The cost was US $ 7,300.00

End of the School Year, Children and Employees party.

Now we are working in the second Boy’s bathroom’s. We hope be nice and

Next year we will have 60 children at the Home and we need to continue
renovation the Home.  Please see the Projects tab for a list of projects that need to be completed.

2019 Board Notes

Meeting was called to order by President Richard Isackson at 7:05 PM. It was followed by a recap of our last Board minutes meeting read by Jacquie Gonzalez in which a Motion was invoked to agree.

We continued to discuss the Hogar activities and the status of the renovations. We were very pleased that the first Boy’s bathroom was finished and is operational. Also with regard to the repair of the Roof and Classrooms that are on top of the Dining room building, according to sister Lourdes Report the project is also finished and will start operations in August.

The board then changed the topic to discuss the relationship of the foundation and Rotary. It was expressed that we need to have better communication with Rotary keeping in mind that we also need their support. Bob Downey volunteer to speak to Joan Ventura, the Rotary District Governor with regard to Orchid and the importance of our relationship and what they can do for Orchid.  Bob also suggested that we communicate with sister Lourdes and ask her, the order of priorities of the projects that she listed on her report.

We moved on to discuss the Container and as of right now it is a no go. We were not able to send a container last year and this year.  Furthermore, according to sister Lourdes it is more pragmatic to send the funds to her via the special account so she can purchase the goods in Dominican Republic because is cheaper, rather than paying $3000.00 dollars or RD $150,000.00 Pesos in order to get the container out of the dock. That suggestion is under consideration and will advise at the appropriate time. 

Ken McBride Fundraising special Event was set to be on Sunday September 22, 2019 of this year. We will encourage all board members to be present. We are in search of a venue with a capacity of about 150 people since the venue we had in mind is in the process of being repaired. Bod Downy and Jim Morris will work in coordination to acquire a venue. We are open for any suggestions one might have in acquiring chairs, food and tables or the venue.

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