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Orchid Foundation, Inc. provides an opportunity for concerned individuals, groups and organizations to assist in the ongoing care, maintenance, and support of Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenberg, a children's oasis of hope within a desert of wretched poverty. Operated by the Catholic Church and staffed by Sisters of the Divine Master of Valencia, Spain, the Hogar continues to grow, but needs your financial help.   

Please check with your tax advisor concerning deductibility of your generous contribution.

Please join the members of Orchid Foundation by creating a membership account using the "Log In" option on the top right on this page. After creating your account, you can add your personal information and click the "Update Info" button.   Logging in will allow us to mail your membership card to your home address. 

Membership Options:

Annual Membership: $60.00                                               Annual Student Membership: $25.00

Heading 11st year Discounted Membership

Make a donation

Please use the buttons below to make a donation. Thank you!

Standard Donation Options:

Silver Donation: $100.00

Gold Donation: $200.00

Platinum Donation: $500.00

Orchid Foundation, Inc.

(A Non-Profit Corporation)

P.O. Box 2452

Willingboro, New Jersey 08046


Phone: 609-877-4732

The children of the Dominican Republic thank you for your gracious gift.

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