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Board Notes

Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenburg

C/Agustín López, # 9 Barrio Dos de Enero, Sabana Perdida, Municipio

Santo Domingo Norte, Provincia Santo Domingo RD

We continue to discuss the completed projects like the following:
The Purchased of the truck
The Dormitory rooftop
The Hogar Escuela Main Entrance
The Water Filtration system
Last Year's Container

We proceeded to discuss the two projects that we are working on at this moment:
1) The Remodeling of the Bathrooms
2) Dormitory Electrical System

As we all know the, the estimated cost for each bathroom is at $7,000.00 dollars.  There are four bathrooms in the dormitory and they will be completed one at a time.
Dick suggested that we obtain a statement from sister Primi after the completion of the
bathroom expressing her thoughts and ideas.
Jim Morris will try to contact the Port Harley Rotary Club with a proposal to help on this
project effort.

Our next project is the Dormitory complete Electrical System. We just obtained a resent estimate from sister Primi at a cost of RD $203100.00 pesos. This amount equal to $4305.70 US dollars.

It was also suggested by Angie Aiello that we contact sister Primi and ask for her
thoughts on naming the Dormitory after Woody, since without him and all of his efforts
this project wouldn't  have been accomplished. In addition, he suggested that we should
inquiry on a list of small items we can contribute regarding the Clinic. This items could
be ship if approved in the next container.

Dick informed us that a new shipping agency for the Container was used last year. This
year container scheduled is yet to be determined, however we hope everyone can
participate with our efforts.

Upcoming Projects

November 2017

A recent Orchid expense report issued by the nuns indicates that $2,880 was spent on a water filtration system, $3,000 for student uniforms, school supplies and painting of walls, and $3,000 for container expense and protective truck cover.

We are also attempting to coordinate with a Dominican Rotary club which will allow us to approach Rotary International for help. Our past association with local clubs has been essential to the success of Orchid over the years.

Renovations to two bathrooms has been completed and we are currently working on the electrical system renovation.  Additional upcoming improvements include updates to the interior walls and the building of two new bathrooms.

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