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Sabana Perdida is a barrio of Santo Domingo located in the northern part of the city, with a population of approximately 200,000 people. It is one of the poorer sections of the city with persistent power outages, unemployment, and unsanitary water supply. Perhaps the most perilous problem is that of public safety, especially in regards to the youth of the area. According to the daily newspaper, HOY, robberies and drug use abound in this barrio making it one of the most dangerous sections of Santo Domingo. Of all the deaths of juvenile aged people in the entire city, most of them occur in Sabana Perdido.


There are classes available for various practical courses, but few students take advantage of them because it is so easy to fall victim to crime and drug abuse. Therefore, an oasis of safety and learning like Escuela Hogar Armando Rosenberg is a rare blessing to about 1,600 students who attend the school each day.

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