2019 John Vigueras Visits

John met with Antonio, the director and the Sister. They were very gracious and showed me everything. They told me how without the Rotary help, very little would get done. The bathrooms have been remodeled and look awesome. The play area needs to be fenced off so the neighborhood kids don't  destroy the swings, it is in need of renovation.


The Atlantic City Rotary has made countless visits to Hogar Armando Escuela Rosenberg.  Many members of The Atlantic City Rotary are on the Board of Directors for The Orchid Foundation Inc. They ensure all funding goes toward necessary projects that need completing, such as the recent roof replacement that took place in Summer 2016.  Visitations will continue.


Professor Peter Cardon of our District’s Rotary E-Club has just returned from leading 13 college students on a work tour at a Rotary Orphanage in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Cardon is the Director of International Programs at the University of South Carolina. 

“The students were fantastic workers at the Orphanage and interacted extensively with the children” according to Rotarian Cardon. He adds: “They painted the exterior of the Orphanage over the course of just three days!” 

Peter Cardon reports that many people at their hotel were so impressed with his students that they said: “We feel more hope for solving the world’s problems with such a wonderful younger generation!” 


Fraternity members of Phi Kappa Theta from Lehigh University Traveled to the Dominican Republic to dedicate their time to various projects and efforts at Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenberg.  Their greatest accomplishment was painting the exterior of one of the buildings, but did not rule out many small tasks such as fixing up desks and of course playing with the children.


In March of 2004, nine students from Rider Catholic Campus Ministries traveled to the Dominican Republic during their Alternative Spring Break to work on renovations at Hogar Escuela Armando Rosenberg.  Their main focus in enovations was to renovate & repaint the Clinic Building.


The Springfield College Catholic Ministries in Massachusetts had also sent down a group of 12 to 15 students to assist with hand on teaching as well as equipment renovations.

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